Friday, January 10, 2014

Potty Talk

Let's potty talk!

It's hard to gross out a mom.  We've been through it all. Peed on, pooped on, thrown up on, the list seems endless! Although it is the best job in the world, it is definitely not the most glamorous. Potty training may top the list of least glamorous mom duties.

We're all human so it's safe to say we all use the potty. Therefore, potty training is simple, straightforward and natural. Right?'s not?!?! Messy, urgent and frustrating may be words that best describe it instead.

Once I got my hands on the infamous travel potty my job as "potty trainer" become a lot less messy, urgent and frustrating!! Wether it's a "quick" trip to the grocery store, a morning at the park or a long road trip, this potty is a necessity. No need to stand in line while my little one does a potty dance. No worrying about the disgusting public bathroom situation that I try to avoid at all cost. No more trying to find a tree to hide my child behind while they take care of "business". I set up this handy dandy little potty in the back of my car and voila, privacy and convenience!

If you haven't reached this potty training milestone yet you may be thinking I'm crazy :) If you have reached this milestone then you may be thinking I'm genius :) Either way, potty training is what it is. It's messy. It's urgent. But I've saved myself a whole lot of headache by toting around this amazing invention. This second time around as "potty trainer" I'll be far more prepared with my little travel companion ;)

MONEY SAVING TIP: Instead of buying the liners, use a plastic grocery bag with a few paper towels (for absorption) placed on the bottom

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